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Posted by on Jun 28, 2019 in Carpet and Flooring |

Different types of commercial carpet in Skokie, Illinois

Different types of commercial carpet in Skokie, Illinois

Commercial carpets are available in a wide variety of colors and textures, similar to the range that you might expect to see for residential carpet for sale in Skokie, Illinois. The primary difference between commercial carpet and its residential counterpart is the superior resistance to wear and tear.

Perhaps the easiest and one of the best options for commercial carpet that is destined for installation in high traffic areas such as schools classrooms, building lobbies, etc is low density loop pile. This type of carpet does not exhibit the same plush quality of some of the other carpet for sale in Skokie, Illinois but the short pile is great as it is highly resistant to crushing and matting. Low density loop pile carpets are also very practical as the surface is quite smooth which makes it considerably easier for wheeled devices such as supply carts or wheelchairs to move around on.

Another popular type of commercial carpeted is tufted carpeting. Tufted carpeting is made up of multiple rows of pile yarn which create the tufts. This type of carpet is stitched; it is not woven as other carpets. These carpets have a backing which helps to stabilize to tufts; this gives the carpet great resistance against premature wear. This type of commercial carpet is a little higher than loop pile but still holds up well against traffic, this carpet is ideal for use in offices.

Woven carpeting can also stand up well against daily heavy usage. The pile is still short compared to residential versions but the carpet is plusher than other commercial options. Woven carpeting can comfortably last 10 years or more with care, it is ideal for use in conference rooms and hotel rooms.

All commercial carpet in Skokie, Illinois makes use of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are ideal as they resist staining, repel dirt and are resistant to crushing under high usage. Synthetic carpets are easy to maintain, a simple vacuuming on a daily basis and routine carpet steam cleaning is all that is needed. The color dyes that are used in the manufacture of synthetic fibers are all color fast which makes them resistant to spills and fading when they are installed in areas which are constantly exposed to the sun.

Commercial carpets are available in solid length rolls or carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are often the choice as it is simple to replace a couple of squares in the event of damage, thus avoiding the need to replace the whole carpet when only one section is damaged.