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Posted by on Jul 24, 2018 in Transportation and Logistics |

Deciding Whether to Train for a Class A CDL in Illinois Through Paid Training or a Driving School

People interested in a career as an over-the-road trucker have two main ways of getting training to qualify for a Class A commercial driver’s license. Some trucking companies provide paid training, and the other option is to complete a program at a driver training school. Either option gets students on the road to acquire a Class A CDL in Illinois.

Advantages of Company-Sponsored Training

Companies offer paid training in return for a contract the student signs, agreeing to stay on with this particular employer for a certain length of time. There’s a shortage of truck drivers, especially for over-the-road work, so companies have an incentive to do this.

The student has the advantage of earning money during training, which is essential for some men and women. Some individuals might need to take out a loan so they can pay tuition for driver training school. There’s also a guaranteed job upon graduation from the program and passing the tests for the Class A CDL in Illinois.

The Downside

The downside is that this person is locked into a contract with an employer he or she may not feel happy about as the months go by. The new driver must pass up other, more lucrative opportunities until the contract is over. With the employment outlook so strong in this occupation, people may want to keep their options open.

Features of School-Based Training

Aspiring big rig drivers who decide to complete training at a school must choose a reputable educational facility like Star Truck Driving School. This facility has been in business for over two decades. Programs should be at least four weeks long, with another week or two of training for drivers whose goal is to work local jobs in an urban area with a substantial amount of heavy traffic. With this particular school located in the Chicago area, students have plenty of opportunity to practice on busy, congested roads.

At Domain, they can learn about the coursework, financing options and training schedules. Completing a training program at this type of center offers the advantage of having job placement services available. This particular organization has placed graduates with an impressive number of companies.

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