Dangerous Foods an Orthodontist Office in Hudson WI Recommends Patients Avoid

by | Aug 3, 2013 | Dentistry

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Braces are almost considered a rite of passage for teenagers. Unfortunately due to the delicate materials used to create the braces and their high price tag, teenagers are discourages from eating some of their favorite foods. Favorite foods, such as chips, bubble gum, and hard candy cannot be eaten while an individual is wearing braces, as these items may cause damage to both the teeth and braces.

If you are wondering what foods are considered ‘off limits’ when you are wearing braces, the following is a look at some of the common foods an Orthodontist Hudson WI office will recommend people try to avoid.

One of the most common foods that people with braces must avoid is popcorn. While popcorn may not seem hard or crunchy, it does contain small pieces that can easily get stuck in the braces. Orthodontist Hudson WI offices will often see patients that have numerous pieces of popcorn and popcorn kernels stuck in between their teeth and braces. Stuck popcorn and popcorn kernels can be extremely painful as it causes irritation to both the braces and the gums of the mouth.

Another common food or sweet treat that people are told to avoid is bubble gum. Bubble gum or any other sticky treats such as taffy or caramel should be avoided as it can cause extremely damage to braces. The sticky food can often cause the wires of the braces to shift or even tear off parts of the braces. If wires are shifted or pieces of the braces fall off, a patient must visit the Orthodontist Hudson WI office to have it immediately repaired or problems can arise.

The last type of food that people with braces are told to avoid is potato chips. Potato chips must be avoided due to their thick, crunchy texture. This thick, crunchy texture can cause an Orthodontist Hudson WI office to see patients with a number of painful problems ranging from wire shifting to broken parts of the braces that can cause problems.

It can often be difficult to remember what foods should or should not be avoided while wearing braces. That is why many orthodontists encourage their patients to Visit KristoOrthodontics.com pages that have lists of acceptable and unacceptable foods.

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