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Posted by on Oct 17, 2018 in Recycling |

Cut Costs with a Customized Ground Compactor for Your Business or Institution

Cut Costs with a Customized Ground Compactor for Your Business or Institution

When you produce large amounts of waste, whether as a company, a school, or a township, it’s important that you are able to deal with the waste effectively, which may mean adjusting your methods or acquiring new equipment.

In addition to waste disposal optimization, a ground compactor can greatly reduce costs associated with transferring and disposing of waste, and depending on how much space you are currently dedicating to your waste area, a compact can allow for a significant reduction in land usage.

Municipal and Commercial Properties

Municipal and commercial properties are perfect candidates for compactors, as they possess the property space and waste levels to make having a ground compactor practical and beneficial. Compactors hold and compress waste, so you will reduce the number of times that you need to deal with it every month, and depending on how much you produce, you may go several months before ever needing to empty the machine.

Customized Solutions

At Galluzzo Brothers Inc., you have opportunities for customized compactors that are manufactured to meet the needs of your business or institution. With larger machines and greater compressing capacities, you can hold waste for even longer and reduce your need for collection even further. Working with a capable supplier ensures that your waste can be collected as opposed to you needing to deliver it somewhere.

Cut Disposal Costs

In addition to saving time and space, a ground compactor can also save you money by providing a cost-effective solution to waste disposal. If you are currently using your own resources to dispose of waste trip by trip, or if you are relying on a company to pick up load after load, you may be spending more than necessary.

With a compactor, you can go weeks or even months without worrying about waste piling up and creating unsightly messes on your property. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.