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Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in custom products |

Custom Case Solutions – EVA Cases

Custom Case Solutions – EVA Cases

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate cases (EVA cases) can be customized to fit every need. A leading custom products manufacturer can provide your organization with the product support it needs with EVA cases. This foam material can easily be adjusted for density, size and customization. From a manufacturing and marketing perspective cases that are made from EVA have limitless applications for a full range of industries.

The Benefits of EVA Cases When Compared to Plastic Cases

The EVA cases offer some clear benefits over traditional hard plastic cases. A quick side by side comparison can easily reveal how this customizable option would be ideal for a full range of industries where equipment has to be transported safely.

Qualities                           EVA        Traditional Plastic
Easily customizable              X                  X
Shock absorbing                  X               some
Durable protection               X               Some
Lightweight                        X                  X

EVA can easily meet all the requirements that an OEM manufacturer would want in a case to help protect sensitive items from damage. EVA can be form fitted to any item to help transport it with a reduced risk of damage. Traditional plastic cases can marginally meet the same requirements as an EVA case can but it cannot stand up to the stress and strain the EVA can. Traditional plastic cases can absorb some of the shock, but EVA does it more effectively.

The cases constructed of EVA last longer and provide a more reliable measure of protection when in the field.

Military Industrial Needs

There is no tougher industry than the military and government when it comes to products. Keeping your contract alive depends on providing new and innovative ways to maintain interest in your products. An EVA case option can actually help you keep your attractiveness intact when it comes to the military and government contracts. Providing new and innovative solutions for everyday problems that these industries face can mean the difference between success and failure. The right company in your corner can go a long way in ensuring that new products and developments are brought to your attention so that you can incorporate the products into your line.

Consider a Customized EVA Case

Take a look at your products and consider what a customized EVA case can do for your line. Will it provide heightened interest? Can it contribute to the popularity of your product? Can it make someone’s job easier by taking away the concern about damage to sensitive items like electronics? Take a look at what EVA cases can do for your industry.