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Posted by on Apr 15, 2020 in Lawyer |

Critical Reasons to Hire an Experienced Open Intox Attorney in Ann Arbor, MI

Critical Reasons to Hire an Experienced Open Intox Attorney in Ann Arbor, MI

A person can get in trouble for open intox in more than one way. First is by having an open alcohol container in public. The second is having an open alcohol container in a motor vehicle. Driving with an open container of alcohol in your vehicle is illegal in the state of Michigan. You can also be charged for this crime if you are sitting in a parked vehicle. People who are found to have open containers of beer or liquor in their vehicles during traffic stops face serious penalties ranging from jail sentences, fines, community service, and even alcohol monitoring or treatment.

When you are charged with this crime, you have a brief window of opportunity to defend yourself in court. These reasons can convince you to hire a good open intox attorney in Ann Arbor, MI, to represent you in this criminal matter today.

Arguing Your Innocence

Law enforcement can charge everyone in the car with this offense regardless of who actually bought or put the open container in the vehicle. Still, when you had no idea that the open container was in there, you may believe that you do not deserve the full penalty for the crime under the law. This is when having a skilled and experienced open intox attorney is most important.

The prosecutor must prove you were in possession of the open container. Possession can be as simple as the container being within your reach or wingspan. Your lawyer can argue that you were not aware of the container, that it was not yours, and you could not reach it. They can also argue that you have no criminal history and a clear driving record that merits little to no punishment. Your attorney is your advocate.

Whether you had an open container in your vehicle or not does not change whether your attorney should argue for a dismissal or lesser charges. Depending on the prosecutor, your past, and the situation, your attorney can be the difference between a conviction or a fine. You can learn more about hiring an open intox attorney in Ann Arbor, MI, online. Go to for more information.