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Posted by on Nov 11, 2020 in Law |

Could Past Benzene Exposure in the U.S. Be Causing Your Medical Problems?

Could Past Benzene Exposure in the U.S. Be Causing Your Medical Problems?

Many American workers have been exposed to the dangers of benzene over the years. This sometimes colorless flammable chemical is used as a base ingredient in many types of fuel and chemicals used right here in the United States according to a renowned benzene exposure law firm based out of Chicago, IL. This past exposure to benzene might be the cause of your current serious medical problems.

Types of Products That Contain Benzene Explained

Benzene is found in many common petroleum-based products that include diesel fuels and gasoline. When in its liquid form, it can be absorbed into the skin through permeable membrane tissues around the eyes, nose and mouth areas or through the skin itself in some cases. This liquid evaporates quickly, and this can put those dangerous chemicals into the air that workers breathe in day-in and day-out while on the job at a variety of different businesses.

More Products Known to Contain Benzene & Other Hazardous Materials

In addition to petroleum-based gasoline and fuels, benzene can be found in many dyes, pesticides, rubber, plastics, resin, degreasers, solvents and lubricants among other products. This substance is also a common additive to the nylon used in many fabrics like clothing and furniture upholstery.

Types of Industries Where Benzene Could Be Present

Benzene exposure puts firefighters, railroad workers, chemical plant employees, oil refinery staff, steel plant factory workers and many other industry laborers at grave risk for serious health problems like AML. Contact Benzene Lawyers today.