Cosmetic Fillers in St.Paul, MN

by | May 6, 2014 | Healthcare

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Cosmetology is an essential and complex medical specialty. This medical practice is becoming more useful as people realize the benefits of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery can make life so much more enjoyable for people who believe their skin is not attractive, or some other feature of their face is not viewed as acceptable by society.

The advancements in cosmetic surgery are noted in the practice of Mohs micrographic surgery for the treatment of skin cancer. This procedure allows the surgeon to examine the tissue before he closes the incision to be sure he has excised all of the cancer. In other surgical procedures, the excised tissue must be examined by a pathologist to determine if all of the cancerous tissue has been removed. Every patient can see the advantage of Mohs because it requires only one surgical procedure.

Cosmetic Fillers in St. Paul, MN are useful in eliminating wrinkles and areas of decreased volume. The aging process often requires Cosmetic Fillers in St. Paul, MN to make the face look younger and less stressed. These products can be applied surgically, and some can be sold for topical application.

Pre-cancer treatment is a necessity for people who have spots that look like pre-cancerous tissue. The best precaution is to remove these spots and examine them for the presence of cancer cells. This examination will tell the doctor how the spot will progress and whether he has excised all of the suspect tissue.

More importantly, skin cancer must be examined and removed. The Mohs process will tell the surgeon if he has excised all of the skin cancer. Then, the type of cancer must be determined because there are three troublesome skin cancer types; basal cell; squamous cell; and the most dangerous of all, melanoma. Melanoma can be deadly if not caught and treated quickly.

People who have aging wrinkles or skin abnormalities like depressions or sunken areas resulting from surgery, can benefit from the cosmetic fillers in St. Paul that are highly recommended by dermatologists. Avoid over-the-counter products that have not been recommended by your dermatologist, or at least ask your dermatologist before using this type of product.

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