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Posted by on Jan 22, 2019 in Pest Control |

Contact an Exterminator to Eliminate Rats and Mice

Contact an Exterminator to Eliminate Rats and Mice

If you see mice or rats in a building, then you must call rodent control Brick NJ exterminators. Rodents are filthy animals that leave urine trails and hard waste on all surfaces in a building. This debris is dangerous because it contains pathogens that can make you sick, but when there are a lot of rodents, the hard waste and urine can destroy a building’s materials. Also, rats and mice will chew on wood and drywall, leading to holes that cause additional damage to a building. In some cases, the rodents will bite through electrical wires, causing more structural damage to a home or business.

What Are the Signs from Having a Rodent Infestation?

Mice and rats tend to scurry along the interior walls of a building, and this is where you will find hard waste or urine trails. Rodents can enter a building through tiny holes in the foundation or near the utility lines, and you may find tufts of hair or grease marks from mice or rats in these locations. It is important to listen for the sounds of rodents inside the walls or ceilings to eliminate the vermin as quickly as possible.

Avoid the Use of Bait Systems

While it is possible to use store-bought poisons for rodents, this is not a safe way to eliminate the animals. Your family pets or your children can find the poison bait, leading to a dangerous situation. Alternatively, if a rodent ingests the poison, then it may die inside the walls or another difficult to reach location, creating a foul odor for several months. To learn more about the services offered at Dynamic Pest Control, contact our rodent control Brick NJ company today 732-505-3277 or at our website at