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Posted by on Nov 20, 2020 in Education |

Consider MRI Training for a Rewarding Healthcare Career in Sports Medicine

Consider MRI Training for a Rewarding Healthcare Career in Sports Medicine

A person who is interested in sports medicine and orthopedics but doesn’t want to become a medical doctor might consider MRI training instead. Technologists who run magnetic resonance imaging equipment earn high salaries for a career that does not require a bachelor of science or a higher degree.

About Magnetic Resonance Imaging

These workers manage diagnostic equipment that takes images of organs and other soft tissues in the body. MRI equipment also provides more detailed imagery of bones than can be accomplished with X-rays.


Students in MRI training programs receive instruction in courses like anatomy, physiology and physics. Extensive hands-on practice and clinical training are provided. Students practice positioning patients in the equipment and using it for diagnostic imaging.

Salaries and Employment Outlook

The average hourly pay for an MRI technologist is $35.70 as of 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That equals $74,270 per year. These workers are most likely to be employed in hospitals, medical or diagnostic laboratories, or doctors’ offices. An MRI technologist in Schaumburg IL also might work in an outpatient clinic or a specialty practice, such as a sports medicine or orthopedic clinic.

The Bureau expects fast employment growth for this career for the foreseeable future. An MRI technologist in Schaumburg IL will probably have many senior citizens as patients. The number of people in this age group continues to increase. These men and women are more prone to health conditions that require imaging for diagnostic purposes. They also are more susceptible to bone fractures than other age groups are.

Anyone interested in training for this career might begin with the Aquarius Institute website