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Posted by on Jan 23, 2019 in Business |

Common Types of CNC Equipment

Common Types of CNC Equipment

As time goes on, CNC equipment becomes more and more popular in the Chicago tooling industry. Even hobbyists are becoming interested in these machines and what they can do. With CNC machines, computers can handle many tasks that humans would have been needed for in the past. Using things like software programs, actuators, breakout boards, and drives, CNC equipment can make all sorts of products. We’ll break down some of the most common CNC machines below.


A CNC router is capable of engraving various materials from wood to plastic and even metal. These routers are one of the most common types of CNC machines. Rather than needing an operator to manipulate the router as it does its job, instead, someone needs only punch information into a computer and the router takes care of the rest.

Plasma Cutters

Another common piece of CNC equipment is the plasma cutter. These can be used to cut two-dimensional pieces of wood and metal. What sets this tool apart is that it doesn’t need the high amount of power that the router does. A plasma torch is used by this machine which allows it to penetrate sheet metal or wood.

Laser Cutters

A laser cutter is quite similar to a plasma cutter. The two pieces of equipment operate in nearly the same way. However, laser cutters can be used to cut plastic, wood, and metal.

3D Printers

While you might be surprised to see 3D printers on the list, they use the same CNC technology that other equipment does. The technology is nearly the same to that of laser cutters. However, a 3D printer can use an extruder. This is what allows it to slowly deposit plastic in a certain motion until a 3D product has been completed.

Pick and Place Machines

The pick and place machine has numerous nozzles that can grab certain electrical components for equipment and then put them in a specified location. These machines are quite common for constructing items like computers, smartphones, and tables.

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