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Posted by on Jul 2, 2019 in Business |

Common Signs You May Need to Call a Window Repair Service in Des Moines, IA

Common Signs You May Need to Call a Window Repair Service in Des Moines, IA

Windows are designed to provide their owners with a long list of benefits. They help protect homes from the elements, and some models are even built to ward off theft and vandalism. At the same time, they go a long way toward boosting a home’s energy efficiency and interior comfort levels while improving its curb appeal. Though they’re made to withstand years of exposure to the elements, times will come when a Window Repair Service in Des Moines IA is needed.

Deteriorating Sills and Frames

Depending on the materials used in building a home, the windows may outlast their surrounding components. Wooden sills and frames are notorious for peeling, warping and decaying over time, and other materials experience certain levels of wear and tear along the way. Still, those elements are as important as the windows themselves. Having them repaired or replaced as needed will help ensure maximum effectiveness.

Damaged Seals

In some cases, damaged seals are easily visible. They may begin to fall apart or pull away from the surfaces they’re attached to. Other times, they’re not quite so easily noticeable. Either way, damaged seals lead to decreased efficiency and can leave home vulnerable to moisture damage among other problems. If you begin to feel, a draft coming from the windows or notice condensation forming inside the panes, having a Window Repair Service in Des Moines IA inspect them and remedy the issue is advised.

Broken Locks

Windows come with their interior locking mechanisms, and several versions are currently in use. They’re designed to prevent children from opening them and being injured as a result as well as to keep intruders from gaining entry to a home. If you don’t open your windows regularly, be sure to check the locks every couple months just in case. In the event, those locks aren’t working as they should call a company like Quality Construction Services Inc as soon as possible.

Problems like broken or missing glass are obvious indications of the need for immediate window repairs. Other issues aren’t quite so easy to spot. Always be on the lookout for broken or decaying frames and sills, unusual drafts or moisture in and around the windows and broken locks. Catching problems and having them taken care of sooner rather than later will help prevent more extensive issues in the long run.