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Posted by on Mar 25, 2020 in Heating and Air Conditioning |

Common Signs That You May Need Air Conditioning Repair in Pensacola

Common Signs That You May Need Air Conditioning Repair in Pensacola

Like most inhabitants of this scenic area of Florida, it is common for people to depend on their residential home air conditioning systems to keep the inside spaces cool and comfortable no matter what the weather forecaster predicts. There are some common signs to watch out for that could indicate a need for professional air conditioning repair in Pensacola.

Take Note of Any Strange Noises When Unit Is On

Oftentimes, the best indicator of whether an air conditioner is working properly are the noises that the unit makes when turned on. Individuals should investigate any strange noises from their trusty AC units. These sounds could be a grinding noise that could possibly indicate a loosened fan belt or some object caught in the machinery. Other sounds could be a high-pitched whining, knocking noises, elevation in overall sound level and others.

Turn Off & Unplug Any Air Conditioner That Smokes

If smoke is ever seen coming from an air conditioner unit, it is crucial to turn off and unplug the appliance right away. This holds true for burning odors too. Like any larger electrical home appliance, an air conditioner can catch fire causing a true threat to life and property.

AC Doesn’t Keep Air at Proper Temperature or Freezes Up

Another huge sign that a cooling unit requires air conditioning repair by a Pensacola cooling specialist is when the unit fails to keep the indoor temperature cool or freezes up.

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