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Posted by on Nov 8, 2019 in Alcohol Testing |

Common Healthcare Services in Suffolk County, NY That Business Owners Require

Common Healthcare Services in Suffolk County, NY That Business Owners Require

Healthcare services are offered by a number of local companies throughout Suffolk County. As a business owner, you will want to look for a company nearby that can set up onsite testing for alcohol & drug consulting. You will want to start your search by looking for companies situated close to your workplace, as that will make logistics simpler for both parties. But, there are some common services that all of these companies offer that you should know about.


One of the most common healthcare services offered by local companies is drug and alcohol testing. Employees should be drug-free when coming to work, so random selection and testing is a great way to identify employees who are doing drugs. This could affect the reputation of your company as well. You can get in touch with a reliable company such as Land, Sea & Air Medical Review Specialist, Consulting & Testing Inc. to carry out the tests. The company has an excellent reputation for carrying out such tests.

Onsite Physical Exams

Companies that offer healthcare services in Suffolk County, NY also offer onsite physical exams. Healthy employees are more productive and can do a better job. If your company requires a shorter response time, carrying out onsite physical exams is a great way to figure out where your employees stand. It’s one of the best ways to identify whether employees are in poor physical shape and the steps that you can take to improve their overall well-being. These are just a few common services that you will need to keep a check on your employees and their physical health.

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