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Posted by on Oct 22, 2019 in Flooring |

Common Applications for Epoxy Flooring in Boston, MA

Common Applications for Epoxy Flooring in Boston, MA

It used to be the case that epoxy flooring was only used in specialized commercial, industrial, as well as public spaces like gymnasiums, food processing plants, and vehicle showrooms. Today, epoxy flooring can be found in just about any kind of building. Read on to find out about a few of the most common applications for Epoxy flooring in Boston, MA.

Auto Repair Shops

Automotive shops need specialized flooring solutions that can accommodate heavy vehicle traffic and frequent fluid spills. Epoxy flooring offers the perfect solution. It’s resistant to stains, heavy traffic, and even impacts, which means it won’t be damaged by leaky vehicles or dropped tools.

Pharmaceutical Labs

Epoxy flooring is resistant to dirt, water, chemicals, and bacteria. This makes it perfect for pharmaceutical labs. Epoxy flooring is also easy to clean, which makes keeping these work areas sanitary and free from contaminants simple.

Commercial Kitchens

The commercial kitchens found in restaurants, cafes, bars, catering companies, and elsewhere face heavy foot traffic and frequent exposure to water, food, and oil. Epoxy flooring is able to resist stains and excessive wear, and since it has no seams, it’s easy to wash down at the end of the night. Plus, non-slip finishes are available so foodservice workers won’t have to worry about slips and falls.

Dog Kennels

Today’s pet owners want what’s best for their pets, so kennel owners need to provide a clean and sanitary environment for the animals in their care. Epoxy flooring in Boston, MA allows them to do just that without worrying about how it will impact the visual appeal of the spaces. There are plenty of different colors, textures, and styles of epoxy flooring available, so any commercial dog kennel owner can find one that will brighten up the facility while making it easier for employees to keep it clean.

Residential Garages

Not all epoxy floors are found in commercial buildings. Residential property owners often use epoxy flooring in their garages to protect the concrete from impact damage and automotive chemicals.

Other Applications

Other common applications for epoxy flooring include shopping malls, hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, colleges, recreational facilities, and even airplane hangars. Just choose a company that has plenty of diverse installation experience. Property owners who aren’t sure whether epoxy flooring is the right option can visit the website for answers to any lingering questions they may have today.