Coating Removal Disc Systems and Supplies: What You Need to Know

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Business Services

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A coating removal disc can be helpful in stripping away paint or layers of rust. It attached to a handheld tool that rotates discs at very high speeds. The combination of the motion and rough surface gets effective results indoors or out. Keep reading to learn about the different types of systems that work with disks, and how to stay safe when using them.

Closed-Coat Discs

These have abrasive materials across the whole surface. They’re able to offer the highest level of cutting power available, so people often use them when resurfacing hard materials, like steel, or sanding hard kinds of wood, such as maple and oak. However, these types of discs can be prone to clogging, so when they’re used to strip away paint, each coating removal disc might get treated with zinc stearate as a preventative measure. Closed-coat discs are also known for offering a fine finish.

Open-Coat Discs

Although these provide a coarser finish than the discs previously discussed, they’re also less likely to get clogged. One major distinction is that open coat discs only have abrasive materials on 50 to 70 percent of the total surface area. Softer types of paint, like topcoats and primers can usually be quickly removed with an open coat coating removal disc. Try them when you’re sanding soft woods like yellow pine, too.

Safety Precautions

The results you get from using discs will vary depending on factors such as the application system used, and the level of pressure applied during the job. Throughout any resurfacing task, it’s necessary to wear eye protection that includes side shields, plus a facemask. These items prevent people from experiencing health issues that stem from dust or paint remnants that get released into the air.

Even particles that are very fine can quickly irritate the lungs or cause corneal abrasions, so if you or someone who’s also working on the task start to have trouble breathing, move into an area away from the job site where fresh air is plentiful. If the eyes become irritated, use eye wash or clean water to flush the affected area.

Now it should be easier to choose a coating removal disc type and corresponding system to make your next resurfacing project successful and hassle-free, whether you’re improving part of your personal residence during a free weekend or completing a job for a large-scale construction client as part of your occupation.

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