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Posted by Judie Langford on Jun 5, 2014 in Heating and Air Conditioning

Cleaning and Maintaining a Minnesota Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust

Cleaning and Maintaining a Minnesota Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust

Every Minnesota restaurant must have a Minnesota Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust. This is what pulls the smoke and grease vapors out of the air into the vent hood, through the fireproof ducts, and into an air filtration unit before being pushed out by an exhaust fan. These units must be cleaned daily and require regular maintenance to prevent fire hazards. How it is cleaned can mean the difference between a passing and failing grade from health inspectors.

The first thing to do is to scrape the unit clean of grease. Buildup of grease can cause fires and makes the air quality unhealthy. Once this is done, use a food safe caustic chemical and hot water to clean the remaining residue. Apply the chemicals and allow time for it to start breaking down the grease. Then, rinse with hot water to remove grease and chemicals. Let it dry before using the kitchen appliances. This process is usually done in the evenings after the kitchen is closed.

Regular maintenance should also be kept up on a Minnesota Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust. There are companies like Altemp Mechanical Inc. that take care of this. They can clean harder to reach parts such as the exhaust ducting and fans. They can also perform routine maintenance to keep the exhaust system running at its peak level. This will extend the life of the exhaust system as well as lower energy costs. These companies usually keep parts in stock and respond quickly to repair/maintenance calls which means a quicker turnaround time getting the system up and running again. They can also teach the kitchen staff how to properly clean and maintain the exhaust equipment on a daily basis. The cost of using their services is much lower in the long run than replacing the exhaust equipment because it broke due to improper cleaning. Also, this helps prevent grease fires which can devastate a business.

In summary, regular cleaning and maintenance on a restaurant kitchen exhaust system will extend the life of the equipment and lower energy costs. Keeping this equipment running well is essential to clean air quality in the kitchen.