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Posted by on Mar 20, 2019 in Healthcare |

Chronic Headache Pain Relief Starts With Your Spine

Chronic Headache Pain Relief Starts With Your Spine

Headaches that are chronic or that occur on a frequent basis are a fact of life for many adults today. Headache pain relief is one of the most common causes of visits to the emergency room of any major hospital. These types of headaches are usually classified as primary headaches and can include tension headaches and migraines.

Chronic Headache Pain Relief

The secondary headaches are far more likely to be chronic and people may experience these types of headaches due to a medical problem, usually an injury or trauma to the neck or spine. A common form of secondary headaches is classified as cervicogenic, or headaches that are caused by stimulation of the pain receptors in the cervical spine or the surrounding tissue and muscle.

This area of the neck, were the nerves from the spine connect with the nerves in the neck and the sensory pathways to the brain can be easily damaged as people age. Changes in the position of the vertebrae can put pressure on these nerves leading to constant pain and aches in the neck. Often the pain becomes worse if the person holds his or her head in a particularly position or if the arms or shoulders are tensed or held at a certain level or position.

Analgesics and muscle relaxants can be used for this type of headache pain relief but they only treat the pain, not the root cause of the issue. Over use of medication for chronic headache pain relief can result in diminished effectiveness of the medication and an increase in risk of side effects associated with the drugs.

Treatment of Secondary Headaches

Most people will have tenderness to the touch of the muscles and tissue over the neck and shoulders. This pain can be pronounced at times and then a dull ache at others and it may, at some times, be almost absent. It is believed that about 2.5% of the population experiences this type of chronic condition.
Getting to the root of the problem and correcting any problems with the neck and spine is seen as a major factor in long term headache pain relief. Strengthening and stretching the spine to restore normal position is critical and, when combined with chiropractic treatments, can reduce or fully eliminate this chronic type of pain.

Getting your spine and neck in correct alignment is one of the most effective ways to get headache pain relief that is long term and lasting. For more information on a pain relief Visit Allspinesurgerycenter.com.