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by | Mar 31, 2021 | Articles

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Oxford Advisory Group co-founder Christopher Dixon hosts regular seminars, the Reinventing Retirement radio show on WFLA and WORL as well as being a sought after source for a variety of media outlets.

The main objective of the Oxford Advisory Group is to guide people when it comes to retirement. Whether someone is considering retirement, getting closer or about to retire, this is the point where people have to know what to do in order to maximise their investments and make their retirement as comfortable as possible.

Christopher Dixon and the Oxford Advisory Group team achieve this by looking at various aspects of people’s financial circumstances. This includes what can be done to encourage the growth of funds, what can be done to preserve and protect assets as well as considering the best way to protect legacies for future generations.

All of these factors are often discussed on both the radio show and in the seminars. Christopher is passionate about ensuring people achieve their long term financial goals and guiding them through any potential hazards.

This is important, as it helps to demystify the process of retirement planning and makes it easier for people to address any concerns or questions they may have but weren’t sure how to discuss them by offering a more casual discussion space. With the right approach, it is possible to learn the best way to prepare for the future and this is something that Christopher Dixon and the Oxford Advisory Group can help with.

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