Choosing the Right Roof for Your New Garage

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Building a new garage is an exciting venture. You’re finally getting the perfect place to park your vehicles, store your belongings, or have that extra space to work on your hobbies. You may be leaving the whole design and building process to your contractor, or you may be collaborating with your contractor to build your dream garage. A crucial decision you’ll need to make is the type of roof to put on your garage. There are three main types of roofs available, and most garage builders have plenty of experience constructing all three types. The style you choose depends upon the current look of your home and the look you want to achieve from your garage. Below is a quick description of the types of roofs available and how those roofs affect the look and functionality of your garage.

Gable Roofs

One of the most popular choices for garage roofs, the distinctive triangular shape of a gable roof makes it a familiar style. It’s perfect for detached garages, and works well aesthetically with most existing structures on the property. These types of roofs are easy to construct, and if you choose a gable roof with a longer pitch to it, you can even have your contractor construct a small area above the garage that you can use for ceiling storage or even a den area.

Hip Roofs

Hip roofs have four sides and a triangular shape. These roofs appear slightly flatter than a gable roof because the aerodynamic shape gives the roof a different appearance than a gable roof. When building a new garage in an area with high winds, a hip roof is a great choice because it withstands the elements better than a gable roof or a gambrel roof. This is also a great choice if you want a detached garage that resembles the architecture of your home.

Gambrel Roofs

These roofs are also called barn roofs because they resemble the look of a barn. This is a perfect roof choice if you want your garage to have a living area on the top. Gambrel roofs work well if you’re storing a boat or other taller vehicle and need more ceiling space. When building a new garage have your contractor show you pictures of finished products to give you a good idea of what different roofs look like upon completion. If you’re interested in building a new garage, visit to work with a reputable contractor. Or you can visit Google+ Page.


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