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Posted by on Apr 10, 2020 in Automotive And Cars |

Choosing The Best Transmission Repair Shop

Choosing The Best Transmission Repair Shop

If you are not an expert on car repair, when you hear your vehicle is in need of local transmission repair shop in MI, your first reaction is probably not good. Many people wonder if they will be able to find a reputable mechanic who will deal with them honestly and fairly, providing good service at a good price without being overcharged. Here are a few tips to get you started as you are searching for a transmission repair shop.

One great place to start is to look at a shop’s third-party endorsements. If the shop or the mechanics belong to groups like professional mechanics organizations, such as the Automotive Service Association, or AAA, that is a good sign. To obtain approval from an outside organization like AAA requires that the shop demonstrate a track record of outstanding customer service and satisfaction, as well as quality repairs. In addition, professional organizations often conduct regular follow-up checks to make sure the shops are maintaining their excellent service.

Next you can check out the shop and ask about their procedures and protocols. When you first walk in to a transmission repair shop, pay attention to whether you are greeted in a friendly manner, if the place is clean, and whether they are willing to answer your questions. Chances are if they have good service before you have even committed to get your local transmission repair shop in MI, they will continue to provide good service afterward.

With regard to their procedures and protocols, find out as much as you can in advance. Ask whether you can come by to check on your vehicle progress. Find out how they will notify you if the vehicle is in need of some additional repairs that they were not anticipating up front—will they send you photographs, get your approval in advance, ask you to come in and see it in person? Also, if they have a procedure in place to notify you with photographs in writing (for example, by email) this can help create a good paper trail for your repairs in case something goes wrong later down the line.

Finally, find out if they are willing to do a free diagnostic check to tell you what is wrong with the vehicle before you pay for any repairs. A good shop should provide this service free of charge even if you eventually decide not to repair your vehicle there.

Once you have checked out a few shops for local transmission repair shop MI, you can choose one that can provide you with the service you need at a fair price, and know that you made a good choice. Bob’s Transmissions is also one of the best transmissions repair services provider in MI and surrounding areas.