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Posted by on Mar 23, 2016 in Automotive |

Choosing New International Trucks for Sale

Choosing New International Trucks for Sale

If you are new to the trucking industry, going into business for yourself, or just looking for an upgrade, consider purchasing new international trucks. It’s your job to go the distance, and you have to choose a truck that gets the job done on time. International trucks are engineered to endure even the most grueling of job sites.

Build Your Business
New International Trucks for sale can help your business run at its best, you need a truck that is built to take on the most demanding jobs. When your work serves up extreme challenges, you need a vehicle capable of handling them. A new international truck will also lets you work harder, smarter and more efficiently.

What’s the Right Truck for You?
International is an extremely well-known, reliable name throughout the trucking industry. They manufacture many types of trucks, including dump trucks, cabs and chassis, day cabs, reefer trucks, box trucks and sleeper trucks. New international trucks for sale now a days offers a complete listing of over the road, medium duty and severe service models. International Trucks prides itself on knowing and understanding your needs, and producing solutions that help your business run at its best.

Decisions: Leasing or Buying
Any business that relies on getting a product from point to point has a big decision to make and that is to lease trucks or to buy them? Having a fleet at your disposal is crucial, but it can be difficult to choose between the cheaper short term commitment of leasing and the pricier long term investment of owning.

Leasing a new international truck can be a good solution for companies that either don’t specialize in transporting goods or that handles a fleet so large that they need a more flexible solution to manage their overall capital expenditures. Leasing is also a desirable option for companies looking to minimize risk in maintaining a fleet.

Owning a new international truck can give you the advantages associated with being able to customize and brand your own fleet. It’s your truck, you don’t have to get permission for everything you do. The perception of ownership is stability, and you’ve invested your own capital in the truck. It can help with driver retention as well.