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Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Business |

Characteristics of a Welding Cable

Characteristics of a Welding Cable

Also known as, the grounding cable, the 2/0 welding cable is used mainly because of its flexibility. It contains many fine strands, which enable it to bend in the required direction rendering it perfect for welding. It is therefore perfect for use along bends and curves, and along welded joints. Most welding experts can attest to its high resistance to heat, as well as other corrosion and abrasion factors. It has a great ability to retain its original color even after undergoing extreme conditions. This makes the 2/0 welding cable capable of lasting for a long time without repair or replacement.


The insulation in this type of a 2/0 welding cable can be made of three materials. Neoprene or EPDM makes it extremely flexible, and these materials can resist almost anything that comes into contact with the 2/0 welding cable. The downside of using these two materials is that they can easily be damaged when exposed to petroleum gases or liquids. The other material that can be used to insulate the cable is PVC, which has a lesser degree of flexibility as compared to the other two.

Water Resistant

The 2/0 welding cable can be used in water-prone areas as a way of preventing flooding or unwanted accumulation of water in the surrounding environment. This is because it is waterproof and does not allow water to seep in through its pores. It provides a great alternative to its cabling counterparts in hot areas as it can survive perfectly under extreme heat without undergoing structural change or damage. In fact, it has performed better than expected in many flame tests including the MSHA, making it a valuable tool in construction.


The flexibility and versatility of the 2/0 welding cable make it a perfect choice for many purposes across several industries. It is used in the supply of electricity in instances where the power voltage is below 600 volts; in the process of arc welding to provide resistance to high temperatures; in the transport industry for wiring and insulation purposes; and in the telecommunication industry to distribute telephone and computer networks. Seeing as it has many uses, and it has attractive characteristics, the 2/0 welding cable should be maintained regularly in order to keep it in a functional state. This includes cleaning it, and repairing or replacing it where necessary.

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