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Posted by on Oct 1, 2019 in Heating and Air Conditioning |

Causes of Air Conditioning Leaks

Causes of Air Conditioning Leaks

As your air conditioning unit starts to dehumidify, it will often cause some condensation to form. However, if you notice puddling around your unit, this is not normal and should be fixed immediately. There are a few different things that can cause such leaks to happen in your unit.

Broken Condenser Pump

When testing your condenser pump, you should pour a bit of water into the pan to see if it will remove the excess water. If the pump will not remove the excess water, check the power on the pump. If you find that the pump has power and still is not working, it may be necessary to replace your condenser pump. Be sure to consult an air conditioning near Huntsville AL professional for advice and recommendations on replacement parts.

Installed Improperly

When an air conditioning unit is installed improperly, it will almost certainly leak water. If the unit is installed without leveling it, there will be pools of water around the drains. Also, too much pressure in the unit will definitely cause leaking. You should check to see if any vents in your home are closed, because this will lead to a massive pressure build up in your unit.

Drain Blocked

In every air conditioning unit there will be a drain hole to remove water build up on the system. Often times, these drains will become clogged over time with dirt and other materials. If you detect that the drain is blocked, you should be able to clear the blockage and allow the drain to work properly.

Air Leaks

If the seals in your unit are not tight enough, warm air will pass through them causing condensation in your system. The excess condensation will usually puddle at the bottom of your unit. A complete outside resealing of your unit is required to rid yourself of this particular problem.

A water leak is not the most catastrophic problem that you can have with your unit, but it is important that you fix this problem quickly. Visit the website to know more.

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