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Posted by on Jul 24, 2019 in Urgent Care |

Care for Back Pain

Care for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit the doctor. You may have acute back pain from an injury such as a car accident or a pulled muscle when exercising. Acute back injuries could also result from slipping and falling or from poor technique in sports or leisure activities. Chronic back pain is also a problem for many people. If back pain lasts for more than four weeks, it is considered to be chronic. You might have chronic back pain from poor posture, overuse, sitting or standing in the same position for a long time or from an injury that did not heal properly.

Our back-doctor Jacksonville FL provides treatments for back pain. At Injury Care Center, we have physicians who can check you for soft tissue injuries such as strained muscles and torn ligaments. We can also perform X-rays or an MRI in order to determine if you have a problem such as a herniated or degenerated disc that is causing your back pain. Your treatment plan might include care from our chiropractor, a physician or both.

Some types of back pain require medication in order to alleviate the symptoms. You might need a muscle relaxant or an anti-inflammatory medication to pair with specific stretching and strengthening exercises for your spine and the muscles, ligaments and tendons that attach to it. You may also benefit from a chiropractic adjustment of your spine.

Our back-doctor Jacksonville FL offers a thorough assessment of your symptoms and sets you up with a treatment plan that you will feel comfortable with at all times. Give us at Injury Care Centers a call today in order to make an appointment. You may also visit us online at for more information about our back-pain treatment options.