Can You Last a Day without a Properly Working Garage Door?

by | May 4, 2015 | Windows and Doors

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A garage door fits the text book definition of a machine; it is a device that carries out a useful action upon the input of energy or force. Therefore, like all mechanical devices it will break down during its useful lifespan. A quality garage door will last for many years and will announce that something is wrong by making a noise, not operating properly or both. A specialist in garage door repair in St. Louis County will advise that you do not attempt to repair your broken garage door, simply because you do not possess the necessary skills. You need to ask yourself if you can go a day without a properly working garage door and call garage door repair specialists quick!

Help! The Garage Door Is Frozen and Won’t Move!

Cold and wet weather conditions can combine to make normal garage door operation all but impossible, in other words the door gets frozen and stuck. Cold temperatures can affect the lubricant and cause doors to stick. You can be assured this will happen when you are late for work, or want to get into your house quickly. If the weather is not cold and your garage door is still stuck, be sure to check the batteries in your remote garage door opener, and all switches and sensors. After you have done everything possible to make sure your garage door is operational, then it is time to call the professionals.

Broken or Damaged Glass Is More than an Eye Sore

If the glass in your garage door has been broken, or seems to have broken on its own, you should have it repaired by expert garage door repair specialists. It is important to determine how and why the glass broke if it did not happen as a good ole’ human mishap. Sometimes glass breaks due to misalignment of garage doors that have been damaged. A simple bump into your garage door that leaves a dent can be the root of deeper repairs.

Call Repair Specialists If Your Garage Door Dances Better than You Do

Garage doors that shimmy and shake in an uneven fashion that makes them move from side to side when opened or closed may have debris or an obstruction on the tracks that is causing the problem. This is easy enough to check yourself and once you have checked and tested the doors again and they still shake, the problem could be the springs. Regardless, it is wise to contact repair specialists who have the skills and experience to get your garage doors working seamlessly again.

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