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Posted by on Mar 8, 2019 in Dentist |

Can Dentists in Pampa, TX Really Help Protect Patients’ Overall Health?

Can Dentists in Pampa, TX Really Help Protect Patients’ Overall Health?

The vast majority of modern Americans understand that heading to their dentists for routine exams is essential for maintaining good oral health. What many don’t realize is that Dentists in Pampa TX also help their patients maintain their overall health, albeit indirectly. Read on to find out about the connection between oral health and overall health to gain a new appreciation for dentists and what they do.

Oral Health and Endocarditis

People with poor oral health are at higher risk of developing a serious type of infection that affects the endocardium, the inner lining of the heart. This increased risk is due to the fact that endocarditis is caused by foreign bacteria entering the body via other areas, such as the gums. When this happens, the bacteria can simply enter the patient’s bloodstream and infect the lining of his or her heart, causing potentially serious consequences.

Oral Health and Cardiovascular Disease

Endocarditis isn’t the only heart problem linked to oral health. Some research also shows that heart disease, strokes, and clogged arteries might be linked to oral health, as well. The connection between these three dissimilar issues and making sure to attend routine dental exams is that the infections and inflammation caused by gum disease could place patients at higher risk for developing cardiovascular problems.

Periodontitis and Pregnancy

Periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease, has been linked by research to several pregnancy issues. These include low birth weight and a higher risk for premature birth. Dentists in Pampa TX certainly can’t replace OBGYNs, but they can help patients who are considering having children ensure that they’re not placing themselves or their babies at risk due to gum disease.

Other Connections

Some diseases and disorders are linked to oral health but are not directly caused by gum disease or oral bacteria. These include Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes, each of which can cause worsening oral health over time.

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Readers who have been putting off their dental cleanings should now have all the incentive they need to get on the ball. Panhandle Dental has a well-deserved reputation for excellence and their dentists and hygienists can help even patients who haven’t had a cleaning in a while restore their smiles, and their oral health, to their former glory.