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Posted by on Jan 22, 2020 in Dentist |

Can Cosmetic Dentists Provide Valuable Dental Health Care in Lumberton, TX?

Can Cosmetic Dentists Provide Valuable Dental Health Care in Lumberton, TX?

People are talking about aesthetic restorations like they are life-altering procedures. Guess what? They are! For instance, porcelain veneers are perfect for restoring a person’s smile, especially if he or she has multiple defects. Dentists use thin layers of porcelain that completely cover the anterior part of teeth, thus solving tough stains and spaces between chipped, broken, or minimally crooked teeth. What other treatments should people consider when improving Dental Health Care in Lumberton, TX?

If dental veneers seem too costly, it is best to find another solution that is economically viable, one that is used to solve dental imperfections on a smaller scale. In this case, using a composite resin to directly treat cracks or fractures might be an option. Dental contouring is another option to consider. It is used to correct rough or uneven teeth. Using this technique will eliminate or restructure a portion of the tooth to change its appearance.

Recontouring procedures can affect a person’s gums, too. This treatment is ideally used to solve issues associated with a gummy smile. This technique removes excess gum tissue, causing the teeth to appear longer and the gums to appear shorter. If a person has laser gum surgery, he or she can obtain the desired results without pain. Dental crowns and bridges are two more aesthetic types of Dental Health Care in Lumberton, TX people can turn to. Crowns are used to protect and restore teeth that are damaged, while dental bridges directly replace lost teeth. The two techniques are designed to imitate a person’s natural tooth color.

Inlays and Onlays are used by dentists for intermediate restoration procedures since they are used to fill large holes caused by cavities that can no longer be repaired by a filling. Given their size, dentists may suggest the patient get a crown. Lastly, dental implantology is probably the best option dentistry has to offer. This is undoubtedly the most suitable solution to recover lost teeth. The fundamental difference with other treatments, like partial or full dentures, is that this solution is designed to last decades.

Despite all the possibilities cosmetic dentistry offers its patients, people must remember they should not be seen as quick treatments that solve bad habits. Dentists will always suggest people improve their lifestyles to avoid oral health issues. Contact Beaumont Smile Center for more details.