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Posted by on Dec 3, 2019 in Air Conditioning |

Brentwood Outdoor Living Area? Get Professional Help Moving The HVAC Unit

You’re adding an outdoor living space to your home. The family anticipates friends and family joining you to enjoying a wonderful meal cooked in the outdoor kitchen. You have the outdoor furnishings, appliances, and accessories stored in the garage.

The only snag is the HVAC unit. It’s smack in the middle of the planned outdoor living space and will have to be moved. Another snag is that you’ll need the pros from an HVAC service in Brentwood, CA, to move it. You don’t want to do it yourself. Here’s why.


The copper tube coming out of the HVAC unit involves the refrigerant. It must be drained before moving the unit and refilled upon relocation. If the copper tubing is bent or broken, it could be expensive to repair. This is so important, a professional needs to tackle it.

Electrical And Lines

The electrical lines to the thermostat and disconnect box that were cut to move the unit must be rerun and reconnected. The lines have to be blown out to remove any moisture that could possibly block the refrigerant from working properly.

Depending on how far the unit is moved, new lengths of copper line must be spliced and welded together. When the unit is leveled, it then must be restarted. It’s best to leave electrical and line work to the experts in HVAC services in Brentwood, CA.


While you’re planning the budget for your new outdoor rooms, add in the cost of moving the HVAC unit. Depending on how far you’ve moved the unit and all the wiring and lines, adding in labor and parts, you could be looking at up to $1,000.

If you try to do it yourself, accidents could possibly happen that would require a professional to repair, costing more money. So leave it to the experts and work the cost into your budget. Contact Elite Comfort Systems at to learn more about moving your HVAC unit.