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Posted by on Jan 16, 2020 in Insurance |

Biggest Reasons for Auto Insurance Services in Newhall CA

Biggest Reasons for Auto Insurance Services in Newhall CA

Driving is an unavoidable part of life. If you own a vehicle, then it needs to be insured. In the state of California, proof of insurance is a legal requirement, and you may incur stiff penalties for failing to provide proof of insurance. On top of that, being insured is just a good idea. You never know when an accident may happen. If you’re uninsured or you’re looking into getting a new insurance plan, check out these three major ways that it pays to look into auto insurance in services in Newhall, CA.

Accidents Aren’t Always Your Fault

You may think that you’re a great driver who will never have an accident, but the other drivers on the road may not be so great. If you get rear-ended or t-boned, you’re a sitting duck without insurance. Insurance can cover damages to your vehicle and your personal health. If you have to foot these bills on your own, you may end up in serious debt, and you won’t have a car to go to work to pay it off. An accident without insurance can change your life for the worse,

A Reasonable Quote

Car insurance isn’t as expensive as you may think it is, and compared to the consequences of not having insurance, you’ll end up saving money in the long run anyway. Your insurer will work with you to find the policy that best suits your individual needs. Visit for more details.

It’s the Law

Getting caught without auto insurance in California has been a punishable infraction since 1984! You could end up paying up to $200 In fines for your first offense, and the fine can go up to $500 for any offense after that. Furthermore, they may tow and impound your vehicle until you can demonstrate proof of insurance. If you get into an accident without insurance, your license will be suspended for up to four years, and when you finally get it back, you’ll have to pay for an expensive SR-22 insurance policy as well as a normal policy. Those fines and towing fees can add up quickly, and losing access to your vehicle can seriously affect your job and career prospects. Car insurance can protect your assets and keep you in the good graces of the law.

You can’t afford to be without auto insurance! If you’re considering insuring your vehicle, do some research and check out your options for auto insurance in services in Newhall, CA.