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Posted by on May 2, 2013 in Rope and Rigging |

Best Source for Wire Rope in CT

The uses for wire rope are close to unlimited, and yet many people can’t quite wrap their brains around what wire rope is. If you wound a number of metal strands together, and then wrapped several of those around a central, fixed core of more metal strands, you would have the beginning of a wire rope. You may have used the term “cable” to describe this configuration of metal strands. When we see them running from tower to tower along the side of the road, we likely call them “lines”. The bottom line is you are talking about Wire Rope CT.

If you’ve ever stood entranced at a construction site as a crane lifted some gigantic load skyward, you were looking at the power of wire rope. Have you ever had to have your car towed? Chances are it was wire rope that the tow truck operator was relying on to pull your vehicle to the garage.

There are a number of different types of wire rope, and many different configurations of each of those. What is selected for a specific job is based on how strong the wire rope needs to be, how flexible it needs to be, and what kind of environment it will be used in. Terminology in wire rope can get a little confusing, but it is basically two numbers with the first one being the number of strands and the second number referring to the number of wires that make up each strand. So a 6 X 7 wire rope will have six strands and each of those strands will be made up of 7 wires.

The materials that these wire ropes are made out determines what kinds of jobs they are best suited for. If you need a certain degree of flexibility, but still want to resist wear and abrasion, a galvanized wire rope will probably be the best choice. If you’re concerned about your wire rope being subjected to the elements, you may want to choose stainless steel wire rope, since it resists rust and corrosion so well.
In wire rope CT you will find just the right wire rope for your job. Just ask a dedicated professional.