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Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Heating and Air Conditioning |

Avoid the Heat This Summer With Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE

Avoid the Heat This Summer With Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE

People often think that the climate in Omaha is cool all year, but this isn’t actually true. In fact, this area can experience a number of hot days and the best way to stay cool is with a well maintained AC. To ensure that your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is functioning properly you should invest in regular Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE. To emphasis the point, most manufacturers recommend that the AC is serviced on a yearly basis and that the system is checked before it us placed under load. This usually means at the beginning of spring.

Air Conditioning Service in Omaha NE is a little more involved than simply testing the refrigerant. A quality service should include verifying the functionality of the system, cleaning any difficult to reach areas and testing the various electronics. An AC works by compressing a refrigerant that is cycled through a couple of coils. The first coil allows the system to collect heat and the second releases that heat outdoors. As heat is accumulated through the evaporator coil, it causes condensation to occur. This moisture will mix with any dirt that slips through the filter system and eventually clog the coil. Approximately every four to five years this coil should be removed and cleaned to ensure excellent airflow through the unit. Visit website for more details.

Another important area to clean is the blower. This is the fan that pushes the treated air through the building. Over time the vanes on the blower can collect dirt which reduces its efficiency. Even worse, this dirt can cause the fan to spin unevenly which can cause it to wear out unexpectedly. Cleaning the blower usually requires scrubbing the dirt off of the vanes and sweeping or vacuuming it away.

Another important area for concern are the electronics that control the unit. The air conditioner goes through various cycles as it performs its function. The condenser cycles on and off to compress the refrigerant and the blower cycles as the temperature inside the system changes. All of these cycles result from the thermostat turning the unit on or off as the indoor temperature varies. Every one of these cycles are controlled by electronic switches that will eventually wear out and require repair. To learn more about AC repair visit the website at