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Posted by Judie Langford on Aug 4, 2014 in Plumbing

Assessing The Cause Of Your Flooded Basement

Assessing The Cause Of Your Flooded Basement

There are a lot of potential issues or causes for a flooded basement. Regardless of the cause it is important to put safety first and follow some important rules to staying safe.

First, in the event of a flooded basement where the water level is at or above any electrical outlets or over any electrical cords or plugged in appliances or devices, do not step into the water. There is a very real possibility of electric shock under these conditions unless you have access to the main breaker panel and all power is off to the area. Never walk through the water to get to the breaker box and wait for your plumber to arrive or contact your electrical service provider.

If your home has gas appliances or if you can smell gas, get everyone out of the house and call your gas company immediately. Do not turn on any lights or do anything that may create a spark or a flame.

Fresh Water or Sewer?

A flooded basement can happen if a supply line bringing in fresh water bursts or starts to leak or if a sewer line breaks or backs up. You will typically know the difference by the smell; sewer water is foul smelling while your supply line will be fresh water. If you know where the main valve is outside of your home and it is the fresh water that is causing the flooded basement go outside and turn the valve off, preventing any more water from flooding your home.

If it is sewer water you can’t do anything but avoid putting anything down the drains or flushing the toilet. Any water that is leaving the house will simply back up into your basement.

Outside Flooding?

A flooded basement can also be a result of water flooding in from outside, often when there is significant rain or snow melt. If you have water standing around the basement walls and your home has a history of this type of flooding call your plumber.
A plumber can help you proactively plan for a flooded basement buy putting in a sump pump, sewage pump or ejector valves that will help prevent the issue based on your specific home and flooding concerns.

If you have troubles with a flooded basement talk to our expert plumbers. To learn more about how we can help go to