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Posted by on Oct 30, 2018 in Business |

Are You Looking for a Box Company in Miami?

Are You Looking for a Box Company in Miami?

Companies that make products are companies that need boxes in which to ship their product. Many companies do not give a lot of thought to the boxes they use or the box company in Miami from which they purchase.

Boxes are not as simple as they look. To get the right box for the job takes considerable thought. Details such as quality, size, and shape are things that do not always come to mind. The correct material to use and the type of fluting is rarely considered.

There are important things to consider if you want a box that suits the product and enhances the image of your company.

The Complexity of a Cardboard Box

A box is not a box. A box is something that is used to store things in, ship things in and stack. There is a considerable difference in a box that is used to store and ship a delicate piece of electronic equipment and one designed to ship dog food in.

Box dimensions:

A box has three dimensions; height, length, and width. The combination of these three variables gives the box volume. Box dimensions are provided on the inside. When calculating the size of the box, you should determine what it is you’re shipping. An oversize box may be wasting your company’s money; an undersized box can lead to content damage.

What Is the Box Used For?

It may appear obvious what a box is used for, but this is not always the case. When designing the box, it is essential to establish its use.

  • A box that is used to package goods meant to be delivered by a courier, called mailer boxes, is ideal. These boxes are available from stock in various sizes and are usually made from eco-friendly, recycled paper.
  • If the box is intended to be put on display, colorful packaging is often used to attract customer attention.

The packaging is the first impression your customer gets of your company and its products. Making a good impression can have a long-lasting impact on your relationship with your customers. Relying on the knowledge of a good box company in Miami can pay dividends.