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Posted by on Oct 9, 2015 in Lawyers |

An OUI Defense Lawyer In Lafayette, LA Can Offer Sound Legal Advice

An OUI Defense Lawyer In Lafayette, LA Can Offer Sound Legal Advice

An arrest for an OUI can be very frightening. An OUI Defense Lawyer in Lafayette LA, will give an individual the best chance for staying out of jail and reducing penalties. Evidence in these types of cases is much more complicated than other cases. For example, if the field sobriety test was conducted incorrectly and the reading is inaccurate, this would be the first step of a defense in the case. If this occurs, there’s a chance that the penalties could be reduced. In some cases, the charges could be completely dismissed against the individual.

When an individual has been arrested for an OUI, there are only 15 days to request a hearing through the DMV. If the individual misses the filing time, there will be an instant loss of any driving privileges. The DMV will not offer any exceptions to this rule. This is why it’s so important to contact an OUI Defense Lawyer in Lafayette LA. Missing these types of important deadlines makes all of the difference between having a valid license and having a suspended license.

The hearing with the DMV is completely separate from any criminal hearings that will occur after an arrest has taken place. An individual could lose their license through the DMV months before actually being convicted of the offense criminally. These matters are completely separate from one another but require the experience of an attorney who will fight for the individual’s rights. Stepping into a courtroom without legal council could very easily land an individual in jail. Discussing the facts of the case and determining the right move is important to retain driving privileges.

This type of charge can be an incredible inconvenience to anyone that needs to drive to work or drive family members around. The conviction itself could entail very heavy fines and installing a vehicle interlock ignition device on the car. This would be paid for by the guilty party. Fighting these charges requires the best legal counsel in the area. For more information on legal representation for OUI, DUI or DWI, please feel free to check out for great legal representation.