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Posted by on Apr 17, 2017 in Lasers |

An Introduction to Vibration Analysis in Dallas

An Introduction to Vibration Analysis in Dallas

Vibration analysis is becoming more important as a way to determine when or if certain machines need to have repairs made; but, many people don’t understand what vibration analysis is or why it’s done. This article provides information on vibration analysis, including what it is, why it’s important, and how it’s done.

What is Vibration Analysis?

Machines put out a signal that comes from the different parts attached to it. However, when a machine develops a mechanical problem, it creates vibrations at different frequencies. These defects can be diagnosed by figuring out how often the vibrations are occurring, and using signal processing skills to figurer out when a machine will break down and whether or not to take action to prevent the machine from breaking.

Why is is important?

Since vibration analysis deals with any machine that has rotating parts, it can show not just certain problems with a machine, but it can also simplify the repair process because it finds the root cause of the problem. Also, it can find flaws before they become noticeable. That way, technicians will know approximately when certain problems will occur so they can make repairs if needed.

How is it performed?

A technician who’s skilled in vibration analysis uses a machine called a vibration analyzer to test for vibrations. Vibration analyzers can be either fixed, for vibration analysis technicians who test vibrations at their company, or they can be portable, for vibration analysis technicians who travel to other companies, or to test equipment in different parts of the same company. Once the technician has finished testing the equipment, they let the appropriate people know if problems have developed or when they will, and the staff determines what actions they should take.

Vibration analysis is essential for determining when equipment failures will occur so that companies can prepare for them. Vibration analysis technicians play an important role in determining when different machines will fail and what actions companies should take to insure they don’t fail, or to be prepared for when they do fail. Get more information about companies that offer vibration analysis in Dallas by visiting the website or contacting an expert.