Amulets in Ancient Egypt and Today

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Shopping

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The ancient Egyptians used amulets as an offering to deities for protection or to transfer certain powers from a god or goddess to the wearer of the amulet. Egyptian amulets were often carried or worn on the body by both men and women. When an Egyptian from the elite class died, amulets were often placed on the body within the tomb. The amulets chosen represented things that would offer protection to the person in the afterlife.

For example, a snakehead amulet was meant to protect the deceased from snake bites in the underworld, while a frog amulet was meant to help with rejuvenation. Whether you believe the legends behind the amulets or not is up to you, but there are many collectors who strive to grow their collection of Egyptian amulets because they represent a part of history and culture that no longer exists.

Locating Egyptian Amulets

Many museums will house a collection of rare amulets for display. It may even be the catalyst that a collector needs to begin his or her own collection of amulets. There are private and public antiquities dealers who specialize in locating rare amulets for resale. You can research different amulets online, searching specifically for the ones you want. Some collectors focus solely on certain dynasties, while others want specific shapes or animals. The way you organise your collection is your own, but finding a dealer who specialises in Egyptian artifacts should be the first step to building a good collection.

How to Purchase Amulets

When you begin shopping for amulets, it’s important that you only purchase from dealers who are certified and promise to give truthful descriptions on all antiques. If you find a website that promises perfect amulets, you may want to keep searching. Remember that these amulets are ancient artifacts and will have some form of wear and tear. You should notice listings that mention discolorations, possible chips, cracks, or other irregularities. If the dealer makes no mention of any problems with any amulets, you may not be dealing with an authentic dealer. You also want your pieces to have certificates of authenticity so that you know you have a legitimate piece of Egyptian history in your hands. Collecting Egyptian amulets is fun because the styles and designs seem endless. They are also often cheaper than other Egyptian artifacts, so make a great item for beginning collectors.

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