Always Use Professional Water Clean Up Owatonna MN Services for Water Damaged Homes

by | Oct 26, 2012 | Restoration

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Homes all over the world can be susceptible to water damage. Pipes can break, sinks can overflow, things get spilt, drains can back up. Homeowners in Minnesota worry about heavy rains during the summer months, and excessive snowfall followed by too fast thaws, all of which can flood a home and trigger extensive water damage. It doesn’t matter how much water damage your home sustains, you shouldn’t try cleaning up the mess on your own. You need to take advantage of professional water clean up Owatonna MN services. It’s the only way you know you home will be safe to live in.

Water damage creates two problems. The first issue will be the damage to your home. Water ruins furniture, destroys drywall, and can warp wooden beams. The longer the water lingers, the worse the damage will be. Repairing this damage can be both time consuming and expensive, especially if you don’t have an insurance policy which includes coverage of water damage.

The second problem with water damage is more serious. When water lingers, or when parts of your home remain damp for an extended period of time, it creates the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of mold and mildew. The mildew won’t be a big deal, but mold, especially black mold which loves damp dark places that have been damaged by water, can lead to serious and chronic health problems. Getting rid of the black mold can be very expensive. Some homes have developed so much black mold they have been condemned.

Most home owners feel that, as long as they have a good sump pump, they will be able to remove the excess water from their home, saving them the cost of the professional water clean up Owatonna MN service. On the surface this seems like a fine idea.

The problem with water is that it doesn’t stay neatly contained to one part of the house. It find cracks and crevices, that allow it to leak into other areas, some you would never dream of looking. More often than not, the sump pump doesn’t remove the water that has soaked into your walls, baseboards, and into your floor. That water lingers on long after the sump pump has been put away, creating the perfect place for mold spores to gather and mate.

The professionals who work for water clean up Owatonna MN services do more than just pump the water from your home. They wipe down surfaces, they examine the structure of the home and determine where hidden, dangerous puddles of water probable formed, they bring in fans and blowers to hasten the length of time it takes your walls and floor to dry out. When the water clean up Owatonna MN service packs up and leaves you home, you can rest assured it’s completely dry and safe from dangerous mold.

Bauer Restoration provides water clean up in Owatonna MN after floods, broken pipes, and other sources of water damage. They also provide mold remediation at fair, honest prices.

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