Alternating the voltage by use of a transformer

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Business

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Various industries various power needs, especially those in the automotive, medical, military, and heavy industrial areas. In many cases the machines used within these industries require ample amounts of voltage and wattage or else strict regulation of the power that is used. In these cases items such as constant current supplies, AC amplifiers and custom transformers are a valuable asset to prevent any damages to the machines and to keep workers nearby safe.

Using a custom transformer for industrial robotics

Robots are used heavily throughout various industries including medical, automotive, and military installations due to the fact that they can withstand radiation, extreme temperatures and dangerous chemicals unlike a human worker. Robots can also lift extreme weights and do not require the same safety measures to be in place as their human coworkers. They can sometimes have very specific energy needs with regards to voltage and wattage to perform their maximum capacity, which is an issue for some facilities with improper transformers in place. Some robotics may require strict voltage regulation through use of a transformer to restrict or expand the amount of power that reaches them. Robotics within the high heat areas of the automotive industry may require their power to be delivered by transformer due to the temperatures involved.

The benefits of a custom transformer

A transformer is used to alter the voltage between two circuits, and this has many uses throughout various industries including medical, military, and heavy industrial. If standard units do not meet your requirements you can custom order the voltage differences that you need for your unique application. In many cases the wire resistance can be adjusted within the unit to achieve the specific rate of exchange that you need. When ordering your transformer, be sure to consider the potential energy loss that may occur in larger units due to heating.

Various industrial applications

There are a variety of machines in the industrial realm that can benefit from a change in voltage through transfer, either an increase or decrease, such as motor starters, solenoids, or contactors. You may find that your application requires the adjustment of voltage from higher to lower or from lower to higher in which case a transformer is critical. Improper power levels running through your machine or tools can cause extreme damage and a safety hazard for people in the immediate area.

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