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Posted by on Sep 24, 2019 in Trucks |

Advantages of Purchasing Used Knuckle Boom Trucks for Sale

Advantages of Purchasing Used Knuckle Boom Trucks for Sale

Finding used knuckle boom trucks for sale can seem like a daunting task. It’s a highly specialized piece of equipment, so not everyone is going to require one. It is primarily used on construction sites because they are highly innovative in design and have many features. Their ultimate goal is to unload and load heavy materials. Sometimes, they are called crane trucks, but you must look for the flexible boom arm, which can be configured for a variety of tasks at one time. The arm is folded or extended, which allows it to unload or lift heavy objects to their desired distance effortlessly.

Increased Payload

These heavy-duty trucks have multiple payload capacities. The knuckle-boom truck has more flexibility when moving heavy cargo. It’s designed to be light and durable, though it also has great strength, so that it can carry large amounts of heavy materials.


These trucks have the added benefit of being able to extend the arm fully, which allows you to manage your load more effectively. Therefore, the truck can move around in tight spaces, which accommodates a diverse list of activities. They can also come with add-on configurations that allow them to lift at different angles. While it can be tough to find these options for sale, you can search for them or talk to the dealer/company about your needs. They can help you find options that have the features you desire.

More Control

Newer knuckle-boom trucks can offer direct control over your load, even when it’s configured to become a grapple or crane. You also have plenty of control options, such as wireless radio, ground, or stand-up controls to ensure the safest lifting, unloading, loading, and transfer of your materials. Therefore, it is a good idea to try and find pre-owned trucks like this because then you can do a variety of tasks on your construction site.