ABC’s Of Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

by | Nov 8, 2011 | Health And Fitness

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Degenerative disk disease is basically no disease at all! In actuality it refers to the degeneration of the spinal discs due to chronic wear and tear, aging, or injury. Did you know that about 85% of the US population alone show signs of disc degeneration by the age of fifty? Even though age is considered to be a vital factor in causing such pains and discomforts in lower back, there are other factors like –

* If the discs in the spine dehydrates leading to loss of fluid between the joints, it can cause degeneration. Thus, the spinal cord loses its shock absorbers and becomes vulnerable to injuries and wounds.

* When the bones and ligaments around the spine lose their flexibility or becomes thick, there is degeneration of spinal discs.

So, do not ignore frequent or persistent lower back pain, you might need degenerative disc disease treatment. Symptoms of such problems includes chronic lower back pain. The pain may or may not radiate towards the hip or buttocks. You might feel a discomfort or pain around the thighs while walking. Pain is worse while sitting, bending, lifting, or twisting.

Degenerative disc disease treatment through chiropractic techniques

Manipulation or chiropractic adjustments can effectively treat this problem. At a reputed chiropractic clinic such adjustments are done manually by experienced and trained chiropractors. They basically takes pressure off the sensitive muscles and neurological tissues. Such a treatment increases flexibility and thereby range of motion. It helps in restoring normal blood flow to affected parts of the body, and reduces muscle tension.Degenerative disc disease treatment basically aims at inducing natural healing capacity of the body. Chiropractic manipulation activates a series of chemical reactions in thee body, which act as natural painkillers. Therefore, there is no need for any medicine or surgeries. However, a chiropractor may suggest a thorough diagnosis of the problem before doing the adjustments. This is done to ensure whether you are the right candidate for a chiropractic healing. Given below are a few of the advantages of chiropractic techniques in treating degenerative disc disease:

* Flexibility is increased manifold
* Strength and vitality of the body is increased
* blood circulation is improved
* Reduces body’s response to painful stimuli
* Immunity is improved manifold and muscle spasm, inflammation, and stress are decreased
* The treatment also improves joint coordination

So, you can see that it will be a good idea to visit a chiropractic clinic if you have been suffering from degenerative disc disease or consistent lower back pain. Remember, when it comes to degenerative disc disease treatment, Fresno, CA is where a few of the best centers are based.

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