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Posted by on Oct 24, 2014 in Dentist |

A Pediatric Dentist in Richmond, VA Cares for Kids from Infancy Through Teen Years

A pediatric dentist cares for children from the time their first tooth erupts through their teen years. After a pediatric dentist in Richmond VA completes the standard dental school program, they study for an additional three years. During this time they focus on both the dental and intellectual needs of their patients. Learning how to assess the child’s emotional and intellectual status allows them to treat the patient more effectively. Pediatric dentists are also trained to treat persons with physical or mental disabilities.

An infant may be only six months old when their first tooth comes in. Their parents should still take them to the dentist to learn how to care for baby teeth. At this stage they should take a clean and slightly damp cloth and wipe their baby’s gums and any teeth. As the child gets older they can add some toothpaste to the cloth. Eventually the pediatric dentist will teach the toddler how to brush his teeth.

Some parents don’t think that baby teeth are that important. However the pediatric dentist in Richmond VA will teach them that healthy baby teeth help the jaw to develop properly. Adult teeth will then have the appropriate space to grow in. This reduces the need for braces as the child grows. If a child falls and knocks out a baby tooth, the parents should try and find it. They should rinse it off and keep it moist. The dentist will want to see the child as soon as possible. If he can reinsert the tooth into the socket, it might reattach to the jaw.

As soon as the child’s adult front teeth have erupted, the dentist will begin Fluoride treatments to prevent cavities. When back molars erupt, he will treat the tops with a sealant. This fills in microscopic cracks in the enamel and prevents bacteria from growing there.

When children begin playing sports, he will counsel them about wearing protective mouthguards. It’s possible to fall or get an elbow to the face playing soccer. A custom mouthguard is comfortable and should be worn during most athletic activities. It can prevent damage and save the parents the cost of emergency treatments. From infancy through the teen years, the pediatric dentist will teach the child good dental habits that will last a lifetime.