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Posted by on Mar 29, 2022 in Automotive |

A Few Warning Signs You Need Transmission Repair  in  Chicago

A Few Warning Signs You Need Transmission Repair in Chicago

Your vehicle transmission is called that because it transmits power from the engine to the wheels. The engine turns over and spins a drive shaft. The drive shaft connects to the transmission, which engages gears. Depending on the gear that is engaged, the transmission transmits different amounts of power to the wheels. Larger gears transmit more power but they spin more slowly. Smaller gears spin much faster but transmit less power. That’s why you shift down to speed up and shift up when you reach speed. One of the signs that you need transmission repair is rough shifting.

Rough Shifting

A rough shift can occur in a manual transmission or an automatic. In an automatic transmission, it’s much more apparent if you need transmission repair in Chicago. In a manual transmission, you have to first rule out human error. You can usually do this if you have been driving a manual for a while. You should shift through the gears; if only one gear is grinding, it’s likely a problem with your transmission.

If you’re sensing grinding or rough shifting, you need to call S-O-S Transmissions. They will help you with your transmission problems.

Sluggish Shifting

You might need transmission repair in Chicago if your transmission is shifting sluggishly. This happens in manuals and automatics as well. In an automatic, you will likely sense it when you take your foot off the accelerator or when you approach a hill. The transmission will feel as though it disengages but it takes a long time to re-engage. There will be lag between shifts. In a manual, you will shift into the next gear and feel some kind of resistance. Alternately, it will not go into gear readily. Both of these are signs that your transmission is not working properly. You need to get to a transmission expert as soon as possible.