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Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in Dental Services |

A Dentist in Ahwatukee: Understanding Dental Implants Work

A Dentist in Ahwatukee: Understanding Dental Implants Work

If you have lost teeth before and you would like to regain your smile, consider a dental implant. However, if you have some diseases or conditions such as cancer, diabetes or alcoholism a dental implant cannot be done on you. Before the operation is done by Dentist in Ahwatukee, the surgeon has to access your past and present dental history so as to determine whether you are eligible for the implants.

How and where the implants are placed requires careful assessment of the whole stomatognathic system on which the teeth functions. This requires different dental examinations that include models of your bite and mouth and specialized radiographs that are captured by 3D scanners. With the aid of a computer imaging software, dental implants can be modeled to fit exactly in the collect position in the bone.

Why and how the bone is lost after teeth loss?
Bones need stimulation to maintain density and form. In the case of alveolar bones that support the teeth, the required stimulation comes from the bones themselves. When a tooth is lost, there is also no stimulation, and this causes loss of alveolar bone. Research indicates that, there is about 25% decrease in the size of the bone due to tooth loss every year.

How can bone be re-grown or preserved to aid dental implants?
Surgical techniques are often used to regenerate bone that has disappeared. This helps to provide the necessary bone material for anchoring implants. For a bone to remain healthy, there must be stimulation. Implants fuse completely to the bone, and they help to prevent further bone loss.

What is the process involved in dental implants?
It calls for a dental team to assess and determine the best plan for your dental implant restoration and placement. It also involves bridgework or dentures and the fabrication of the crowns. The dental team comprises of the oral surgeon, periodontist, general dentist, restorative dentist, surgical specialist and a laboratory technician who fabricates these implants.

What is the maintenance do dental implants require?
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