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Posted by on Apr 24, 2020 in Electrician |

A Commercial Electrician in Hamden, CT Can Upgrade Your Backup Power Supply

A Commercial Electrician in Hamden, CT Can Upgrade Your Backup Power Supply

Normally, a business cannot function for long without a power source – that power source being electricity. A business can become operationally defunct when it loses power. That is why it is important to incorporate an uninterrupted power supply or UPS to support your building’s electrical needs. If the lights go out, not only does productivity stop but damage and injury may result as well.

Why You Need UPS for Your Business

If you talk to a commercial electrician in Hamden, CT, you will find that power outages can happen for one of various reasons. Sometimes an animal damages a transformer or lightning may strike a line. A power outage may last only mere seconds or linger over several days. However, your business still needs to function consistently.

That is why you want to keep stress at bay and downtime at a minimum by implementing a UPS system. A UPS system permits conversion to an alternative power source. By adding the backup installation, your business will continue to run smoothly regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

By contacting a commercial electrician, you can accommodate your power needs and ensure that your data is secured. That is why you need to make sure that you have a backup power source in place. Energy spikes or surges can lead to irregularities in equipment operation. Therefore, the implementation of a UPS system is critical to your business’s growth and operations.

Do You Have a Backup Plan?

Today, backup power is referred to as a backup plan. A UPS system plays a major role in this plan. A UPS system can be configured by a commercial electrician as a single-phase or triple-phase design. It may be powered by a flywheel part or several batteries at one time. UPS units can range from small black boxes that sit near a person’s desk, protecting his or her PC, to sizable megawatt units that are used to back up the power supply of a large company.

Talk to an electrician about the backup power requirements for your business. Create a backup plan and play it safe. Begin the process today when you visit DeFilippo Electric.