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Posted by on Apr 9, 2021 in Dentistry |

A Basic Understanding of Partial Dentures in Valley, AL

A Basic Understanding of Partial Dentures in Valley, AL

While dentures are generally used to replace a full arch of teeth, there are many patients who are only missing some of their teeth. It doesn’t make sense to pull healthy teeth just to replace them with dentures. In cases like this, partial dentures in Valley, AL are commonly recommended.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are false teeth that only fill in a few missing teeth. They are used when a patient has lost some of their teeth but still has many healthy teeth in the same arch. Just like full dentures, partials are a removable appliance.

Partial dentures in Valley, AL consist of prosthetic teeth that are attached to an acrylic base. The base is designed to match the color of the patient’s gum tissue, so it’s not noticeable when worn. Partials snap into place with metal clips.

How are partials created?

Partial dentures must be properly fitted to the patient in order for them to be effective. This takes several appointments. During the first appointment, Hamilton Family Dentistry takes molds of the patient’s teeth and mouth. These molds are shipped to a lab, where the prosthetic teeth are made.

Once the partial dentures arrive back from the lab, the patient will return for a fitting. It takes trial and error to make sure the partial dentures fit snugly, without irritating the surrounding gum tissue. Properly fitting partials should feel comfortable at all times, even when the patient is eating.

How should patients care for partial dentures?

With proper care, patients can expect their partial dentures to last 5-15 years. Partial dentures rely on the other teeth being healthy, so patients should be proactive in their oral hygiene habits. Visiting a dentist every six months is also recommended.

Partial dentures should be brushed with the soft toothbrush, but toothpaste should never be used. Never allow the dentures to dry out fully, or they may lose their shape. Remember to submerge them in water overnight, or soak them in a cup of disinfecting solution.

If you are missing a few of your adult teeth and want to replace them with an affordable, yet reliable option, consider partial dentures. Visit Hamilton Family Dentistry to find out if your smile would benefit from partial dentures.