Tire Tread Wear Quality Should Always be Considered when Buying New Tires

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Automotive And Cars

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Part of being a reliable car owner is taking care of your tires. While you can’t completely prevent a dangerous blow out from occurring while driving down the highway at top speeds, making sure you have good tires on your car will decrease the odds of it happening to you. Since tires can be quite expensive, you want to make sure you get four which will last you for a long time to come. The rule of thumb has always been that the better the treads, the more bang you will get for your buck.

You should know the reason the prices of car tires very so much has to do with the wide variety of quality. In this case, you should always plan on spending extra and getting the best possible quality or rubber, treads, and workmanship. Your safety, as well as everyone else traveling the same roads as yourself, depends on you having a good set of wheels on your vehicle.

The best tires you can purchase for your care will have great traction and should be constructed from a good quality rubber. You’ll get more security from radials.

Determining the quality of the tread the tires your considering won’t be hard. You just need to take a few minutes to learn what to look for.
When it comes to purchasing tires with good treads and the best possible traction, a low price should raise a red flag. If it seems like the dealer’s giving you a really good deal on four new tires, you should be suspicious. Manufactures generally charge up to 40% more for tires with good tread than they do for other types of tires. Remember, the better your tread, the longer the tires will last and the better your car will stick to the road during slippery conditions.

The Department of Transportation knows how difficult figuring out the quality of the tread ware can be, that’s why they insist on manufactures assigning a quality code to every single tire they create.  This quality code indicates three important factors.  These factors include the range of temperatures the treads can handle, the type of traction you can expect from the tires, and the tire’s tread wear

The Department of Transportation set up a rating system that grades the treads from 100-800. The closer to an 800 rating the tire has, the better the treads. You can expect a significant improvement as the rating increases. When tires have a rating of 800, you will be able to get twice the number of miles out of them than you would have gotten from tires with a 400 rating. You can find all of this information printed on the side of the tire.

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