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Posted by on Dec 4, 2019 in Apartment Building |

5 Benefits of Choosing to Live in Off-Campus Housing in Tuscaloosa

5 Benefits of Choosing to Live in Off-Campus Housing in Tuscaloosa

When debating whether or not to live on or off-campus, University of Alabama off-campus housing has some serious benefits. Here are five great reasons you should look forward to living someplace that’s not on college grounds.


Living on campus is closer to class, but it’s further away from real privacy. Campus housing often crams students uncomfortably close together. There is more to life than being a college student and having privacy helps maintain a healthy balance between class and everyday life.


Man’s best friend can really help students cope with a busy semester, but campus housing doesn’t often allow pets. Off-campus housing lets you keep your furry family while you ace your classes.


Living on campus doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper rent. On-campus housing at colleges and universities sometimes adds up. Off-campus housing gives college students the option to pay monthly rent and keep some money in their pockets. Also, getting a roommate can help lower rental costs – an option not typically available on campus.

Life Experience

College life is great, but you still have to live in an everyday world. Off-campus living provides priceless real-world experience. Budgeting paying rent, buying groceries, and setting schedules are all things that must be done with or without a college degree. When you live off-campus, you get the benefit of both.


Sometimes, campus housing isn’t available or possible for students and living in University of Alabama off-campus housing may be the only option. Finding a great place close to campus provides all of the other benefits, but it’s a lot more convenient than living in any other city besides Tuscaloosa.

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