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Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 in Salons and Spas |

4 Handy Gel Manicure Tips for You

4 Handy Gel Manicure Tips for You

Getting a gel manicure? Here are top tips you need to know from Seventeen before getting one.

1. Different from Acrylic Manicures
Acrylic nails need to be dipped in a solvent, which is basically used to give the natural nail a stronger top layer. While there are colors available, acrylics are usually known for having clear or natural tones. Gel manicures, though, come in a variety of nail polish shades. In addition, gel manicures are made by using a UV lamp or LED light source to get the manicure to dry.

2. Removal Process Can Weaken Your Nail Beds
Some people are afraid of getting gel manicures because they fear it might keep their nails from breathing. That’s not really a concern. Nails aren’t living tissue. However, what you need to take extra care with are your cuticles and your nail beds. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the manicure removed at a salon, done by a professional or expert. That way, the removal process should go smooth and easy, causing no harm to your nail beds. However, if you notice the nail specialist aggressively scraping off the manicure, that’s a big no-no. Put a stop to that right away before you end up with damaged nail beds. In the hands of an expert, the manicure should just fall off without effort or aggressive scraping.

3. Safe At Home Removal is Possible
If you haven’t got the time to make it to the salon or just want to try to remove the manicure all on your own, you can. Just make sure you’re gentle and have 100 percent acetone or a gel remover to use. You can pick these up from any beauty supply shop or department store.

4. Lasts for About 2-3 Weeks
Going off for an internship or vacation? Gel manicures are a great treatment since they last for weeks. You can have your nails ready all throughout your summer trip, adding extra oomph and style to your appearance every day. You could also look extra polished with your nails done without having to waste a second on them during a grueling and hectic internship period. However, while this is the average length of time that gel manicures could last, it still really all depends on your body chemistry, the brand or product used and even the way it was applied.

Wrapping Up
That’s it! For questions about getting a gel manicure in Jacksonville, you can contact salons like Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa for more details.

Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa offers gel manicure services in Jacksonville. For more on our services, call us today!