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Posted by on Oct 13, 2020 in HAIR CARE |

3 Ways to Keep Natural Your Curls Popping and Moisturized in Stone Mountain

3 Ways to Keep Natural Your Curls Popping and Moisturized in Stone Mountain

If you have natural hair, then you need to develop a hair regimen. Some hair types require more moisture than others. If your hair is dry, then your curls will not be as well defined. However, it takes work to maintain those beautiful curls. Read on to find out about three ways to keep your hair moisturized.

Condition Wash Every Week

You should do condition washes in between your shampoo days. A conditioning wash consists of applying conditioner to your hair and letting it stay on our head for about 15 minutes. It would be best to use a conditioner that has no parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and petrolatum. This treatment keeps your hair moisturized.

Use a Daily Moisturizer

If you have 4c hair, then you need to use a daily moisturizer for 4c hair. This product adds moisture to your hair. You should seal the Daily Moisturizer For 4c Hair in with an oil.

Shampoo and Condition Every Two Weeks

It is important to wash your hair at least every two weeks. You should use a shampoo with quality ingredients. The shampoo also should be followed up by a deep conditioner.

Natural hair is easy to maintain with the right products on hand. It also helps to choose a hair care line that is for texturized hair. Many hair care companies have a line of products that can accommodate all your styling needs.

You should talk to a professional when trying to find the right products for your hair. Contact Beauty Salon and Spa at for your hair needs.